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We Offers Google Analytics Integration Service

Make Profitable digital Marketing Decisions: Get Google Analytics for Your Website

  1. Who are your website visitors?
  2. Which sources drive the most visits and inquiries?
  3. Which products interest your visitors the most?
  4. Do visitors download your product catalogue at all?
  5. Are your ad campaigns generating leads and ROI?

If you cannot answer these questions, you’re probably making expensive marketing decisions without evidence.

Digital analytics software such as Google Analytics gives you the evidence you need to decide with confidence.

In order for Google Analytics reporting to work well for you, you should have skilled professionals configure it.

Phemrise ICT  Will Set Up Google Analytics For Your Website.

Google Analytics is the most popular and the most powerful digital analytics application in the world. Your company is about to get it. It automatically records the data without you having to do anything. have our Digital Marketing Engineers Configure it for your website. Request A Quote Now

We’ll Properly Configure the Application.

We will provide professional Google Analytics configuration such as accessibility . we will make it fit  the needs of B2B companies. You’ll be able to calculate how much money you make or lose from every single ad you ever pay for.

You Get Simple Executive Reports.

We can configure your account so that you get an automated email 1x month with easy-to-read reports about the performance of your website.

Dashboard With Simple, Relevant Data.

You get a visual Dashboard where you will see only the important data in one place, at a glance. We’ll configure your dashboard so that you are not overwhelmed with irrelevant numbers.

  • Google Analytics setup and integration

    We configure your application according to Google’s rules and best practices.

  • Google Tag Manager setup and integration

    An essential application from Google which makes maintainance of your Google Analytics setup easier.

  • Connecting Google Search Console

    A tool previously known as Google Webmaster Tools allows you to see which keywords your visitors search on search engines before they land on your website.

  • Conversion funnel configuration

    Funnels show you the exact pages where users enter and exit your website. Funnels are the easiest way to figure out where your website is losing customers.

  • Goal configuration

    When a website visitor performs a desired action, a so-called “goal” will be logged in Google Analytics. Without goals you cannot track conversions.

  • Custom B2B dashboard configuration

    Among hundreds of reports to track in Google Analytics, we’ve selected only the important ones to pay attention to.

  • Consulting with specialists

    We’ll answer your questions in 2 consulting sessions, one before and one after we deliver the service.

  • Views creation

    We’ll create special views which protect your data from irreversible data corruption and human errors.

  • Remarketing audiences setup

    Up to 5 re-marketing audiences. You’ll be able to show campaign ads only to the defined group of your website visitors.

  • Dynamic remarketing pre-configuration

    We’ll connect your AdWords and Analytics accounts so that you can use the dynamic re-marketing advertising feature in Google AdWords.

  • User interaction configuration

    You’ll be able to count and track interactions, such as downloads of your product catalogs, video plays, button clicks, etc.

If you would like to hire Us to do this service for your website, kindly Contact Us Now Or Request for quote. We will be happy to help you through..