We Offer Google Map Integration Service

To save your end-users to carry a paper map to reach your business

We have acquired expertise in the Google Map Integration Services in websites, web applications, and mobile apps using our skills in Map API integration.

Our Google Map developer team has flairs in JavaScript and XML so we beautifully deal with Google Map API integration challenges by doing reverse engineering on it APIs and produce server-side as well as client-side hooks to create custom functions such as:

  • Custom location icons
  • Location coordinates
  • Location metadata
  • Custom map image sources into The Map interface
  • Use Grease monkey like tools to customize Map data
  • Create Memory Map by combining Google maps with photo sharing site

Why Google Map Integration Essential?

Google provide an outstanding web mapping service in the form of Google Maps.

It includes the satellite imagery, street maps, and perspectives of street view. Moreover, it offers highly useful and innovative functions such as route planner for traveling by

  • Foot
  • Car
  • Bicycle
  • Public transit system

Therefore, website owners like to integrate such feature rich Maps with their websites or web applications with required changes to address their bespoken needs.

In due course, they needed the help of expert and experienced API developers from a reputed company so they can provide supports whenever Google makes any changes in the Map API policies. Phemrise ICT helps our client with all features either dynamic or static, Feature like Drawing manager also included. We have a team of Developers with core knowledge of JavaScript and XML. If you would like to hire our Google Map Integration service Contact Us Or Request A Quote . We normally reply within 12 hours.

Our Services

Maps API Integration Services by Phemrise ICT

We provide our services to embed Google Maps into the external website or web applications using the  Map API. We further extend the features and functionality of  Maps API to introduce our services to

  • Retrieve static map images
  • Accomplish Geo-coding/tagging
  • Generate directions for driving
  • Obtain the elevation profiles and so on

Besides the services mentioned above, we offer following services for highly custom requirements.